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Rubarb Flowers look great
Rhubarb flower

One of our plot holders produced a beautiful display of rhubarb flowers.

He should be aware however that letting the plant go to flower and then to seed is likely to result in a poorer crop next season as the nutrients are removed from the plant.

Its a good idea to twist  off any flower heads.

Happy crumble!

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What a difference plastic sheeting makes.
empty polytunnelpoly tunnel with plants

In the winter months it was an empty shell. Now (May 2014) a Garden of Eden.

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Pure, untreated and free

Water from tapFor many on the folks on the allotment a trip to the water trough become a regular occurrence in a dry spring, particularly when growing under cover.  The two large covered growing areas show you how they tackled the problem.


Who has produced this website

Gareth and Paul have worked together to produce this website but to fulfil its aim it needs you to use it and take an active part in its development.  Use it, contribute, make suggestions; it is your allotment website.

Highlights of last year(2015)

With all the major developments like The Shed and Communal Greenhouse settling down the main activities for the Allotment Association this year have been finishing off these projects and maintaining the assets.

A number of  new growers were found taking up a plot this year and this was reflected in the number of people turning up at our social events. Seed sowing, barbecue  and Dunchurch fete.
Many thanks to all members of the Association who have helped in the many activities undertaken this year.

We were sad to report the death of Alan Hodgkinson MBE, a committed allotment holder and Committee member.
Welcome to new allotmenteers who  took on a plot this year, we hope you had a productive season and are inspired to continue next year.