The erection of the communal greenhouse was started on time at the start of November
The  foundation holes were dug a couple of weeks earlier by a  energetic team of  Association members and fingers crossed they were put in the correct place.
Hole digging

Greenhouse posts go inThree professional installers ably assisted by Dynamic Dave positioned twenty support posts which were then concreted solid.
The cement was left to 'go off'  so  erection was continued  the following day.

Greenhouse frame erection With a width of 4 metres and a length  of 16 metres the frame has to be substantial to withstand the winter storms.
It also supports large guttering so water usage will be reduced when storage is organise.
The plastic covering consists of 2m wide panels with runners on either side which slide into grooved plastic.
Keder plastic
The terrific strength and insulation properties of the material is due to its unique construction of bubbles of plastic sandwiched between two polymer film. Similar in some some respects to 'bubble wrap'.

The greenhouse is now up and ready.  We now have the interesting task of working out how to manage a communal greenhouse.

Keder Commual Greenhouse

Get Set Grow stage two.

Building raised beds

The building of the first of a number of raised beds was carried out this summer.  The substantial waist height beds were constructed on site by the communal greenhouse. John, Richard and Maurice seen here were the some of the five member team tackling the construction.  The next task is to line the bed with plastic and then fill with growing material.

The plan below shows the position of the communal plot and the greenhouse.

The central position of the communal plot means there is all round access now that old tracks and paths have been cleared.  Water is close at hand from a nearby trough.

Allotment plan

Dunchurch Allotment Association secures Lottery funding

'Get Set Grow' (July 2013)

We are please to announce that the Allotment Association was successful in its application for lotteryLottery fund logo funding.

A grant of £9,999.00 (yes, ten thousand minus one pound!) has been given for the project 'Get Set Grow'.

The project  was announced to the press and media by the Big Lottery Fund on the 25th June 2013 and is a tremendous achievement for the Association. 

The information below is taken from the application and highlights the main points in the application.


People have better life chances improving life skills
Stronger communities with more active citizens working together
Improved rural environments which communities are better able to access and enjoy
Healthier and more active people and communities.

What the project intends to do.
We intend to make it possible for allotment holders to extend the seasons for food production by providing a large communal poly-tunnel. Plot holders would be able to start plants earlier in the season, grow more summer crops and allow growing to take place into the autumn and winter.  I addition it would allow allotment holders to work together to grow plants for sale the proceeds would be used to improve the whole site.

In addition we plan to build some raised beds for people who do not have the capabilities to tend a full allotment plot but would like to grow food.  The beds would be constructed to different heights to cater for individual accessibility needs.

Bob and James in the communal greenhouse
The large Kelder 4m by 16m greenhouse is now situated on our communal plot and is a greenhouse manufactured to a high specification.  The covering is a three layer plastic sandwich with 1000 bubbles per square meter and has excellent heat insulation and light diffusion properties

We will need to build a variety of raised beds over the year also on the communal plot and these will need to be constructed to a range of heights.  Your involvement in supporting this exciting development would be appreciated.

If you have any thoughts and comments on how we might manage the polytunnel and raised beds or questions  regarding this development the Allotment Association committee would be please to hear from you.  Please email

Awards For All
The lottery application was made to Awards for All; the section of the lottery which deals with small grants of up to £10,000.   The application is assessed on its ability to meet the outcome shown on the left.  Assessment of the application is based on:

The need for the project

Who will benefit
How outcomes will be achieved
The organisations income
The total cost for the project

At the end of the one year a report on the achievements of the project has to be written and details on how the money was spent.