About the allotment site.
The allotments are situated about 1/2 a mile from Dunchurch on the Coventry Rd and it is said to have been an allotment site for hundreds of years. 
aerial view westaerial view west middlearial view east middleArial view

There are around 70 plots of about 12m x 30m. Some have been divided into half plots.  The photograph above shows the state of usage a few years ago when many plots were negected. In recent years greater interest has been shown and many areas have been cleared.

water tank

Water is available from four mains fed troughs situated along the site so portage is necessary.

The soil is a sandy loam which means it has limited water holding capacity but can be worked soon after rain.


Parking is available after entering any of the two gates. There are a few allotments where it is possible to park next to a plot.  Security has not been an issue in recent years.

Getting a plot
The allotment site is run by Dunchurch and Thulaston Community Trust who take a 'hands off' approach to management.
notice on gate

Spare plots are normally allocated in March.

The rent for 2014 is £12.