Allotment Association

Developing tracks and pathways

With the move of the communal plot to a more central position the opportunity arose to develop access roads and tracks.  The biggest development was the forging of a new cross plot roadway which runs behind the communal greenhouse. The greenhouse can now be easily accessed from all directions.

Nick & adam seeding

Adam and Nick in the final stages of levelling, compressing and seeding.

New roadway with grass

It's mid May and almost ready for the first cut.
A proper green lane.

The exit onto the main road at the eastern gate was increasingly becoming hazardous as the hedge was restricting visibility and a step had developed in the rise onto the tarmac.

A work party in May made cut back the hedge to create a clearer view and also cleared an area in the car park to increase parking spaces.  The council have now  fix the stepped slope which was also causing a problem leaving the site.

Exit onto main road

A safer exit onto the main road is now possible.

Seed sowing
Seed sowing 2015

For the past two years the Association has run a stall at the Dunchurch Fete. We have sown home grown herbs and other veg plants.
All the proceeds are presented to the Festival Group who make grants to local causes and groups in the village. In early May about 500 pots were prepared ready for the big sale.

Seed sowing tea break
A larger turnout of sowers this year  than ever before (2015).  It was decided to plant twelve different herbs in  trays, the management of this process turned out to be quite a challenge.

Dave makes sale at the fete
This years fete (2015)was one of the wettest experienced and many of the punters had to run for cover as torrential downpours beat down.

The takings which are raised for Dunchurch Festival Group were down on previous years.

Shed services

The shed is open regularly each Sunday at for one hour  for the sale of gardening materials.
We also have a two grass mowers, two strimmer/brushcutters  and a hedge trimmer which are free to use by Association members. There is also a  small tiller and for that really tough job a large rotavator both charged at £5.

Please contact committee members if you with to use the machines.

Hut opening
Prices                            £                  
Humas Compost          5.00         
Humas Growbags        2.50
Tomato feed (1l)          3.00
Ball of string                 1.50
Canes                           0.50
Blood, fish & bone        0.35lb
Growmore                    0.375lb
Fleece                          0.25m
Bird netting                   1.50m
Slug pellets                   3.0 kg
Garden lime                  5.0 bag
Chicken pellets              0.25lb
Grass seed                    2.0lb
Weed control fabric 1m 1.0/m
DPM impermeable         3.0/m
Manure from heap         2.0/barrow

The opening of the shed by Alan Hodgkinson MBE in Nov 2011.



Brief history of the Allotment Association

22 April 2011

A small group of allotment holders met in January 2011 and worked out a plan to create a stronger sense of community on the allotments. The main idea was to create an allotment association which could then work together for the benefit of allotment holders. The trustees sent out a ballot in March 2011 asking whether people were in favour of this proposal.

The Community Trust received 30 votes in favour of an Allotment Association and 13 against with 3 unmarked, which means the proposal went ahead.

Planning permission for a community shed was granted in late August and a work was started on clearing the site in the eastern car park.
The shed was erect in mid October and was officially opened at the end of November 2011.

In February and March 2012 growing materials were bought which are now available for Association members at low cost. Gardening machines are also available for use by Association members.
In June 2012 Dunchurch Allotment Association ran a herb selling stall at the village fete with the proceeds being given to local good causes.

A number of work parties take place each year to improve the site laying hedges, cutting down trees and improving the tracks.

Funds for the shed and machines came from 'Get Growing', a European community cohesion fund operated by Garden Organic - Ryton. This made a grant of £3000.
In 2013 a National Lottery grant of £10,000 was awarded leading to the project 'Get, Set, Grow.'  A large  communal greenhouse was constructed and two waist high raised beds were built.(seewebsite pages)

The Allotment Association will  continue to develop this project and looks forward to YOUR involvment.

Committee members 2015
Bill Sedgley- Chair
Simon Evans - Treasurer
Paul Sanders - Secretary
Gareth Price- Shed manager
John Hurst-Members secretary
James Harris- Greenhouse manager
Tim Coleman - Machines manager
Dave Cooksey
Fred Salt
Julia Markham