Social Events
Alan Hodgkinson MBE
We were sad to hear about the death of Alan Hodgkinson MBE.  Alan was a keen allotment holder and joined as a committee member of the Association after opening The Shed in 2011.  Alan entranced the folks of Dunchurch when he gave a talk on his life and experiences as a professional sportsman. (see below)

A number of his allotment friends acted at ushers at Alans funeral and the Association presented a wreath of vegetables.

Alan Hodgkinson MBE recalls his 60yrs  as a professional sportsman

Crowd in the library
Dunchurch Community Library was pack to the gunnels to hear Alan Hodgkinson MBE recall his life as a world class goal keeper and later in his career as a goalkeeping coach.  Alan kept everyone amused as he  told stories about the soccer greats of the past.  At the world cup in Chile (1962) the living conditions and transport were so poor that the team were not unhappy to be going home.

Alan Hodgkinson MBE
The indomitable Brian Clough was humiliated at a formal dinner when he was sent out of the dinning room to dress in his blazer.  Alan also told how the goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel, that he had personally recommended to Alex Ferguson, let in 11 goals in his first two matches.  Alan's job was on the line when he convinced the Boss to play him in the next week's European game. Schmeichel succeeded and Alan kept his job.
The evening concluded with a raffle and auction of signed club shirts.
Funds from the evening was shared between the library and the Allotment Association.

Many thanks to Alan for a great evening.

Propagation talk/practical
Do you know your nodes from your internodes?  What effect does does an alkaline compost have on a cutting's callus?  What is a callus anyway?
Marie talking to group
These were just some of the questions that Marie from RIMO Growers was able to pose and answer when she gave a talk on the finer points and scientific principles on taking and propagating plant cuttings.  Members of the Association were interested to learn how to achieve success when propagating cuttings and Marie was able to explain many of the factors that affect the cuttings taking root.
Marie with BillMarie also demonstrated how to take cuttings and invited participants to do likewise.

It was evident that Marie has a real passion for growing and her enthusiasm was very engaging.  The Association would like to thank Marie for her time and effort in putting the presentation together.  If you have questions on how to grow and bring up plants Marie will be more than happy to try and help you. 

Association organises Library Talk
Philip Turvil from Garden Organic gavePhilip Turvil a talk on 'Growing Lively Plants' to an audience of over fifty villagers at the Dunchurch Community Library in March 2013.  The talk focussed on organic methods of growing including the importance of a healthy soil and pest/disease control.  The benefits of green manures was discussed and many contributions were made from the floor of favourite methods for tackling slugs.
Over £140 was raised which was to be shared between Dunchurch Community Library and Dunchurch Allotment Association.

Preserve tasting  Nov 2012

tasting preserves
Jams, chutneys, pickles and sauces, an amazing range of preserves were brought along to the shed to celebrate this years growing success.

End of summer  BBQ

Group at BBQ
After such a wet and dismal summer we felt fortunate in landing on a fair weather weekend.

Apart from the usual fare of barbequed meats there were lots of accompanying dishes, many of which started their life on the allotments.
Group at BBQ

Our new barbeque venue outside the shed with manicured lawn made for a

good alternative site.

Seed sowing event

Seed sowing in the shedAn energetic band of Association members  met up in the shed on a late April morning to sow a large selection of herb seeds in preparation for sale at the Dunchurch Fete.
Well over one hundred and fifty pots were prepared with  thirteen different types of kitchen herbs including  basil, parsley and chives.

Seed sowing

The seeds were tended until the time of the fete and supplimented with a large quantity of  thyme plants which were given to the Association by P& J Plants a wholesale nursery near Preston.

Dunchurch Fete
Dunchurch Fete stall With all plants priced at 50p punters were wooed by a large selection of  fine  herbs.  Sharon (pictured) assumed her natural role of sales manger, rearranging the display and inviting in customers with her encouraging sales patter. A interesting selection of other vegetable plants were also on offer.
Children were invited to take part in repotting lettuce plugs and to take these away along with a sunflower.


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